A contract is formed when one party makes an offer and the other party accepts the same. A contract is considered to be complete only when the acceptance of such offer is expressly or impliedly communicated to the offeror.

An agreement does not result from a mere state of mind, intent to accept an offer or even a mental resolve to accept an offer does not give rise to a contract. There must be some external manifestation of that intent by speech, writing or other act. Such manifestation may be in the form of express words, written or spoken or may be signified through conduct.

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When parties to a contract have opposing opinions and where they are not able to agree as to how it is to be applied, the dispute arising will need to be settled by the court. The team of our legal experts are capable to resolve such issues, by understanding how the court will apply the construction or interpretation of the contract is of paramount importance. We have specialist lawyers who hold a wide range of experience in contract laws and dealing with complex contracts of all scales and, importantly having experience of how this is best applied in the Dubai.


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Clients having backgrounds where common law is applied need legal expert guidance and they require assistance to ensure that their contracts are fit for purpose they want and protect their interests. The UAE law is based on UAE Civil Transactions Act to deal with contractual disputes. Our team shall provide you with the best guidance and advice that fits the law under which your contracts will be governed.


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