Indian legal advisors in Dubai

SDC LEGAL CONSULTANTS is a unique hybrid of a local firm operated by Indian Legal Advisors with international training and experience. We assure that the experience of the clients who will get associated with us will be enjoyable one. At SDC Legal Consultants we have a flexible, friendly, and efficient work culture that is designed to meet client needs in a seamless and stress free manner.

You are an Indian and looking for an Indian legal professional from India, who will assist you at an affordable rate in Dubai? Then, SDC Legal Consultants is the best option for you. With an outstanding experience of more than 20 years in the field of legal services, our Team is successfully handling many cases in India and abroad on a regular basis and we are happy to have hundreds of satisfied clients in our list so far.

Our team of legal advisors

The legal advisors at our firm encourage fledgling businesses to come and work with us and draw upon our collective experience of more than 20 years in the region. Our team of legal advisors who hail from India comprise a wide range and immense experience. We are the legal advisors from India who have a dynamic and refreshing approach towards legal services and we welcome by both large and small companies alike.

Our team comprise of lawyers from India who are bilingual and this allows us to accommodate clients by operating in a myriad of languages and cultures. The team of our legal advisors are both in private practice with respected local and international law firms, and in industry with UAE government companies.

Wide range of experience

Our team comprise an in-depth experience who advise and assist clients, both corporate and private, with the nuances of local business practises and the rigours of international commerce. We at SDC LEGAL CONSULTANTS strive to understand the needs of our clients’ businesses, to add value wherever possible, and to ensure ongoing development and success.

Areas of practice

At SDC LEGAL CONSULTANTS we advise in a wide range of legal matters, that includes real estate, DIFC wills, international trade, corporate and commercial, dispute resolution, and criminal matters. We also offer legal services for private clients. We have the quality and the ability to deal with any problem or issue relating to you, or your business, within Dubai and the UAE.

Our Services

  • We assist in all your legal queries;
  • We provide assistance in all your concerns pertaining to company formation, documentation, obtaining various licenses and registrations;
  • We give advice and opinion relating to complex legal issues, both civil and criminal;
  • Provide assistance pertaining to inheritance, wills and succession;
  • We draft lease deeds, agreements, contracts, notices, etc.
  • We handle Real Estate matters;
  • We shall assist you in Cheque Dishonour cases;
  • Travel Ban Check/ Immigration issues; etc.

Get in touch

Our team possesses in-depth knowledge and insight into this domain. The team is exceptionally skilful and it is updated over recent enactments and administrative prerequisites issued for this industry. With the help of forward-thinking research, persevering collaboration, experience, and specific involvement in the said area of law, our team helps the clients in achieving the desired results.

For any of your requirements or queries regarding criminal laws, kindly reach out to SDC LEGAL CONSULTANTS; our team in Dubai will be glad to assist you.