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International Trade Law Firms & Maritime  Lawyers in Dubai

With maritime and transport playing a significant role in the economic prosperity and status of the UAE. It is a strategic trade hub, we at SDC LEGAL CONSULTANTS offers a portfolio of legal services that safeguard stakeholder interests in the field.

Our law firm offers a vast service to shipping and transport sector, and we offer services to clients including: shipbuilders, owners, charterers, financers, port and terminal operators, shipping lines, operators, ship builders, freight forwarders, and other cargo interests, etc.

Our legal services start from contract creation, dealing with logistics and financial agreements, we work in resolution of maritime, transport based disputes. Our main motto is quick remedy and high satisfaction to our clients.

We hold a good track record of dealing with unforeseen circumstances including collisions, spillage, or ship detention. We also advice and assist in financial concerns with regard to insurance pay-outs, bill of lading disputes and asset financing. Our maritime practice works closely with our financial legal teams to determine effective structures for large asset acquisition in the sector.

Legal advice on Maritime Laws in Dubai

Our team of legal experts is always ready to dispense up-to-date and highly relevant legal advice on maritime law to local individuals in UAE and international clients engaged in the Emirates’ industry. We focus on high service quality by paying close attention to our clients.

Our team possesses in-depth knowledge and insight into maritime law. The team is exceptionally skilful and it is updated over recent enactments and administrative prerequisites issued for this industry. With the help of forward-thinking research, persevering collaboration, experience, and specific involvement in the said area of law, our team helps the clients in achieving the desired results.

Our different approaches and attitude toward our clients empower us to offer our customers the best suitable advice on all issues identified with maritime law, sea transportation, insurance of ships, and maritime litigation cases in the country. Our dedication to our cases and our commitment to our clients assist them in achieving their maritime business efficiency goals as we offer proficient legal assistance to smoothen your business contracts and processes along with careful consideration towards arbitration or litigation in any specific maritime matter.

Ensure Best Assistance for Import Export in Dubai

We ensure the best assistance while closely considering the needs of our clients, when you approach us with your problems related to maritime law, transportation related issues you will find us listening intently.

Combined with thorough research, this quality makes our case advice on point and supremely relevant. With an exhaustive examination, we provide defence guidance on point and remarkably pertinent.

For any of your employment and labour law requirements or queries, kindly reach out to SDC LEGAL CONSULTANTS; our employment and labour laws team in Dubai will be glad to assist you.

Our Expertise on Import Export Law in Dubai

Our qualified lawyers have expertise in the following maritime matters:

  • Drafting maritime contracts, reviewing investments and providing legal assistance;
  • Drafting contracts for the sale, purchase, and building of vessels;
  • Marine insurance;
  • Issues arising out of maritime pollution;
  • Seizure of vessels before or after applying for a case;
  • Appeal against seizure of a vessel and its release.