Debt Collection Law Firm Dubai

Our legal team in Dubai has high experience at debt collection related issues. We are specialize in the process of debt recovery and we can assist you through various modes of dispute resolution such as mediation, negotiation and settlement as well as criminal and civil litigation.

Debt collection includes overdue invoices for companies, personal debt to individuals, bank debt and even amounts owed on bounced cheques. The amounts that may be involved range from a few thousand dirhams to multi-million dollar.

We are at your service to provide recovery action that is the most suitable for you and that suits your specific requirements and can act for the creditor or the debtor in these issues. We comprise of a team that ensures to deliver successful resolutions that is best suited to your requirements. We shall also counsel and guide you that what is the best solution for you based on UAE laws.

Best Law Firm for Debt Collection

Recovery of debt is a process of collecting payments of overdue debts that are owed by individuals and companies or businesses. According to the laws in the UAE there is a statutory limitation wherein there is an imposition of 2 years to 10 years of timeline for any individuals or companies for initiating a legal action against another for debt recovery. If the time is lapsed then lender would be barred to file legal charges and cannot recover the debt.

Why to opt for a law firm to recover debt?

Law firms act as debt collectors according to the request and needs of clients/ companies. The legal experts have the ability to collect debt dues as they have an extensive knowledge of the laws with regard to debt collection. Clients prefer to appoint lawyers to deal with their debt recovery issues due to the lack of proper legal knowledge as to the best way in which they can proceed for collecting any debt that is due.

We know the quickest way to engage to collect any debt for the clients as we know the legal remedies. You guide you whether you should choose arbitration or litigation. We assure prompt resolution of dispute by engaging in negotiation through adjudication or mediation which if failed shall ensue prompt legal action against the debtor. It is absolutely crucial to know the advantageous route to collect debt or alternatively the client may be required to incur signification cost.


We have developed further levels of success with the help of our team and their intelligent decision-making capabilities and changes implemented by the team, we added an array of prominent attorneys from various ethnicities.

We assure best service

Comprising a team of bilingual advocates who support and represent the clients in all disputes and litigation procedures. If you wish to seek any advice or legal assistance then you are at the best place. Here at SDC LEGAL CONSULTANTS we ensure you to provide the best services at a very reasonable budget.

For any of your requirements or queries regarding criminal laws, kindly reach out to SDC LEGAL CONSULTANTS; our team in Dubai will be glad to assist you.